How To Strengthen Leg Muscles with Diet and Exercise

How to Get Leg Muscle

Since the legs are known to be the largest muscle in the entire body, many individuals want to shape them up. Getting a toned leg muscles requires series of workouts. Following are some simple exercises which target the leg and calf muscles.

  • The best way to shape up the legs is through walking.
    It is important that this will last for at least 30 minutes daily. Make walking as your everyday routine. For example, walk early in the morning or after dinner.
  • Begin playing soccer or running. These two activities are great exercises for toning leg muscles. It is advisable that one should do these for about 30 minutes to achieve best results.
  • Have a spin or cycling class. Spending an hour on stationary bicycles helps a lot in toning one’s leg muscles. Do this several times every week together with cycling as this makes butt muscles stronger as well.

How to Strengthen and Build Leg Muscles

The best method to strengthen and build leg muscles are through exercise.

Here are some of the simple workouts one could do at home without using any equipment.

  • Calf and leg power squat routine. This workout does not only strengthen the inner thighs but also the quadriceps, hamstrings and the butt as well.
  • Do standing calf raise. This exercise tones the gastrocnemius muscles on legs. This is a very simple workout and can be done anywhere too. Just find an uneven surface or a step and one can do this routine already.
  • Performing the leg curl exercise is good for toning the hamstring muscles. This can be executed on benches, couch or on the floor. One can start doing this on 2 to 3 sets of 20 repetitions without the use of weight. However, if this becomes so easy, one can add weights to strengthen the muscles on legs more.

Diet to Build Leg Muscles

The legs may be a person’s greatest asset and diet plays a major role in building leg muscles. Combining exercise with a good diet helps a lot in getting well-shaped legs. Mentioned below are some examples of meals that build the muscles on legs when combined with leg exercises.

  • Grilled chicken with salad: Chicken meat especially the breast part of the chicken contains protein which is good for building muscles. Salad has antioxidants which is great to help the body recover after some intense workouts.
  • Grilled salmon with rice and vegetables: Like any other fish, salmon is full of protein and it also contains polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 and omega-6 which is good for the heart. Rice and vegetables give carbohydrates needed for energy.
  • Buffalo steak with yam and vegetables: Bison has more protein than the regular beef. Yams and vegetables are essential in providing energy.

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