How to Stop and Prevent Severe Itching after Shaving?

Itching After Shaving

Itching after shaving is a very common complaint. It can be caused by a number of things, and most of these etiologies are often treatable. Sometimes it could also be the first sign of Folliculitis, which is the inflammation or the hair follicles, also known as ‘Razor Bumps’.

Causes of Severe Itching After Shaving

The following are the most common causes of itching following a shave:

  • Shaving dry. Dry skin is not as supple as a moisturized one so it has a tendency to become more irritated.

  • Dry skin after shaving. This is very common especially after washing the face with water either too hot or too cold.

  • Dull razor. A dull razor can nick or irritate the skin. It is important to make use of a sharp razor. Multiple blade razors should also be avoided as they can irritate the skin more.

  • Dirty razor. Bacteria, fungi, or yeast can grow on the surface of the blades. These can irritate the skin and cause itching.

    It can even lead to worse conditions such as Folliculitis.

  • Wrong shaving technique. Shaving the wrong way, such as against the hair growth, can irritate the skin causing it to itch.

  • Hair type. People with thick hair can experience more itching following a shave because shaving thick hair needs more effort. It may even cause pulling, which can further aggravate the irritation.

How to Stop Itching After Shaving

Here are some remedies that can help stop itching after a shave.

  • Aloe Vera. Soothes the skin and also moisturizes,

  • Oatmeal. Like Aloe this also soothes the skin and helps to keep itching down.

  • After shave. An after shave with antibacterial properties and moisturizers can help calm the itching.


  • Use shaving cream, this helps to moisturize the skin and produces less trauma. If shaving cream is not available, shaving can be done after a bath to make sure that the skin and the hair is still soft.

  • Use after shave and moisturizers, these help kill bacteria and can moisturize the skin preventing dryness. Lotions and creams may also be used following the application of aftershave. More dollops of moisturizer may be required in cold weather.

  • Use a sharp razor, avoid reusing disposable razors for longer than one week or two weeks, depending on the frequency of shaving. Straight razors are preferred but they may not be for everyone.

  • Regular exfoliation. Shaving already exfoliates the skin, but some added exfoliation using a mild exfoliating soap preferably with salicylic acid can help keep itching away. When using a salicylic acid wash use a moisturizer afterwards as it can lead to dryness.

  • Shave right. Shave with the grain and not against it. Shave slowly to avoid nicks.

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