Causes of Nail Bite and Naturally Stop Biting Nails Without Creams

Nail biting is definitely a bad habit, and a person who has this habit knows about it, but subconsciously he has tendency to bite his nails even if he tries his best to avoid it. Normally children have the habit of nail biting; occasionally adults are also seen to bite their nails.

It is not only the nails and the cuticle that a person bites, but he also has the habit of biting the surrounding of nails. Nail biting is a nervous habit; stress, nervousness, and lack of other activities are the main causes for nail biting. It is similar to other nervous habits such as thumb sucking, hair twisting, nose picking etc. Split and fractured nails, bleeding, bacterial and fungal infection are some of the risks associated with chronic nail biting.

How to Stop Biting Nails Naturally

When you are worried about how to stop habit of biting nails, here are some simple ways that can help,

  • Cut your nails short and do not leave any sharp edges of nails.
    Sharp edges tempt you to bite your nails.
  • Visualize that your nails are healthy. It will be a positive impact on your mind to avoid nail biting.
  • Wear gloves when you have a feeling to bite your nails. Gloves will become a barrier and you will not be able to bite the nails.
  • Manicure your nails regularly, getting a massage around the nails with olive oil or vitamin E oil will allow the skin around the nails to heal. It a simple trick to motivate a person to stop the habit of nail biting and have clean and attractive nails.
  • To stop biting nails fast apply nail polish, it acts as a deterrent and prevent you from biting your nails.
  • Another way of stop biting nails fast is to wear acrylic nails. It will prevent you to bite your nails when you are stressed out or even when you are in a social event. Besides wearing acrylic nails will give the time for healthy nail growth.
  • Coating the nails with bitter substances or with lemon juice is another way to stop biting nails naturally. However you should avoid contact with eyes when you have applied lemon juice or other substances on the nails.
  • It has been observed when there is calcium and magnesium deficiency, the tendency to bite nails is more. So eat diet rich in calcium and magnesium food. Milk and other dairy products are valuable source of calcium and magnesium. Besides it also strengthens the nails.
  • Use of relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation will help in reducing stress. This will naturally help to stop nail biting.

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