List Of 9 Foods That You Must Avoid Eating Together

Today unlike in olden days people are much more aware about diet and nutrition. No doubt for this reason most of us choose healthy foods for better health. Yet sometime or the other people suffer from minor or major health problem. There may be several reasons for it. According to several experts the fault may also lie in the food combination that you consume.

Dieticians, physiologists, and in particular ayurvedic physicians give more importance to the combination of food that you eat. They believe certain food items when eaten in combination can be incompatible for our body. These food items in ayurveda are termed as viruddha ahar. Such incompatible foods can cause several health problems such as gasses, indigestion, diarrhea, skin conditions such as leukoderma, allergies, gluten intolerance, low immunity, nausea, fatigue, constipation etc. Incompatible food items when consumed in a meal can ferment producing several gastrointestinal problems. If you consume the combination of such items you are at risk of suffering from many diseases.

Foods that you must avoid eating together:

These incompatible food combinations can cause health problems.

  1. Avoid eating meat and carbohydrates together. Meat contains high amount of protein which putrefies while potato chips, French fingers, etc which contain starch and sugar ferment.
    Both these incompatible items can lead to gasses, stomach ache, and abdominal bloating. You can instead eat other combination foods such as rice or beans.
  2. Avoid combining milk with meat, yogurt, lentils, vegetables, etc. These combinations can disturb enzyme secretion.
  3. You must also not drink milk after eating a meal which contains garlic, onion, radish or drumstick.
  4. Avoid eating two high protein food items in a meal. Too much of protein in a meal can increase task for the digestion of food. The food may take more time to digest.
  5. Combining lemon with other citric vegetables and fruits can produce increase in acidity. Hence avoid food combinations such as lemon and tomatoes, lemon and yogurt etc.
  6. Avoid drinking water or fruit juice with a meal. This may cause dilution of the stomach acid. Food consumed will take more time to get broken down and digested due to dilution of stomach acid. The nutritive value of food is thus lost. Drink water at least 30 minutes before you eat food or 30 minutes after your meal.
  7. Do not combine yogurt with fruits. Yogurt is loaded with good bacteria. Although they are good bacteria, they will interact with sugar present in fruit. This will lead to increase in toxic element in the body, resulting in problems like cold and allergic rhinitis. Instead you can add cinnamon or raisin to yogurt.
  8. Do not eat jam and white bread or in fact for that matter any 2 food items that contain simple carbohydrates. Eating this combination can increase your blood sugar level. This means your pancreas has to work harder to release insulin. The raised sugar level drops fast causing severe tiredness and irritation.
  9. Spinach and food containing sesame seeds consumed together can cause gastric upset and loose motions.