Treatment for Popped Blood Vessel in Hands and What are Its Causes

Popped Blood Vessel in Finger

A popped blood vessel in the finger is mostly caused due to an injury to the hands or a minor trauma like when bumping or hitting something using one’s hand, whether by accident or consciously, can lead to a broken blood vessel in the finger.

For instance is when a person uses his hands to break something like a wooden platform, the force used in the actual blow will certainly leave a person’s fingers with a popped blood vessel.

Like many ruptured blood vessels in any part of the body, a popped blood vessel in a finger can heal on its own accord, within two weeks or even earlier at most.

Popped Blood Vessel in Hands

Popped blood vessel in a person’s hands happen when a clot forms in the blood vessel. This clot of blood causes an obstruction and hinders the blood’s rapid flow thereby causing arteries to bulge. The increased pressure caused by the rapid blood flow then weakens the blood vessel which results to the arteries bursting and blood leaking from the vessels.

Such a condition happens due to a number of causes like sudden bumping of the hand into a hard object, using the hand to break or support a heavy and hard object, high blood pressure, malnutrition and bruising due to aging skin. When this happens a number of symptoms occur such as having a bright or dark red appearance visible upon the skin, pain upon contact and sometimes swelling.

Treatment for Popped Blood Vessel in Hands

Generally, a popped blood vessel is insignificant and undamaging. Mostly it takes a week or two to heal on its own. However, if symptoms like pain, swelling, bleeding and bruise persists, a person can use any of the following home remedies:

  • Lift hands above heart level and put ice on affected hand at once. Refrain from moving the hand too much to avoid further injury.

  • Place a clean cloth on the affected part and apply constant pressure for 15 to 20 minutes or until the bleeding stops.

  • Usually after 24 hours, a person can start applying warm compress to the site for this will aid in healing and circulation.

  • A person can use topical vitamin K lotion or cream to apply on the bruise.

  • With a doctor’s advice and prescription, a person can take medications to enhance blood clotting.

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  • July 23, 2013 at 4:48 am

    I have several lumps on my right hand. They are painful and hard lumps under the skin. The doctor has told me that they are either ruptured blood vessels or tumors. I had them surgically removed. What could be the cause of such lumps? Why do they recur even after surgery?


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