How to Remove Glass Splinter which is Under the Skin in Finger

Having glass splinters stuck inside the fingers can pose quite a difficulty due to the pain and discomfort. While it may be simple as removing wooden splinters, extra care is required as small particles of glass tend to be sharper than wood.

How To Remove Glass From Finger

  • If the glass splinter is protruding and visible from the surface of the skin, use tweezers for removing the glass.
  • Before removal, sterilize the ends of the tweezers with alcohol or place it over fire to slightly burn it.
  • Wipe the blackened part of the tweezers with sterile gauze then use it to gently pull out the glass particle.
  • After taking out the splinter, wash the wound with soap and water. Apply an antiseptic then wrap it with a sterile bandage.

How To Remove Glass Splinter From Finger When It’s Under the Skin

It cannot be avoided that sometimes, tiny glass splinters appear dislodged deep into the skin. Consider a few additional tips to remove the splinter.

  • Wash hands first using an anti-microbial soap.
  • Aside from tweezers, a needle is necessary to create a hole in the affected area.
  • Disinfect both the needle tip and the ends of the tweezers by burning them over fire.
  • Clean the tweezers and needle with sterile gauze.
  • Bore a hole into the skin over the splinter using the needle. A small slit would do, as long as the splinter becomes more visible from the surface.
  • Using the tweezers, gently pull out the exposed glass splinter slowly so the sides won’t rub against the skin.
  • Don’t forget to wash and apply antiseptic on the wound to stop any signs of infection.

When To Seek Medical Attention

When conditions make a turn for the worse, it is highly likely that there is infection caused by the splinter. It is then advisable to seek medical help.

  • Increased pain, swelling, discharge and inflammation are common signs of infection.
  • The doctor will inject anesthetics on the affected area for painless removal.
  • When the glass splinter is quite large, it can create deep wounds that can reach nerves and tendons.
  • It would be hard to restrain a child to remove the large splinter. Thus, it is wise to bring the child to the doctor’s clinic.
  • If the splinter was pulled out carelessly, there is a possibility of tiny fragments left in the skin, which may then cause the infection.

One thought on “How to Remove Glass Splinter which is Under the Skin in Finger

  • May 7, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    I had a small piece of glass in my finger a couple weeks ago. When I ran my finger across the painful area I felt the glass. I thought it had fallen out but my finger is sore. The other day when I woke up, my whole hand was hurting. I went to my doctor who sent me for an x-ray of my hand but it did not show anything. Now my hand is not hurting but the top of my finger is cold. I don’t know how to find the glass or exactly where it is. What should I do?


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