Simple Ways to Remove Small Piece of Glass From Foot

Walking barefoot has many disadvantages; there is all possibility of foreign body getting pierced in your foot. If such thing happens do not panic, in the first place find out what has pierced in your foot. Is it a glass piece or any other object? If it is a glass piece, it can be removed at your home with things present in your house.

The wound can be taken care of. However if the glass piece has penetrated very deep, it is advisable to consult a physician.

This is how you can remove the glass piece from your foot:

  • Clean the wound with cold water so that the site becomes clear. Cold water slows down bleeding and it also helps to remove tiny pieces of glass materials that have stuck on the sole.
  • Now place your foot in such a position so that it is exposed to enough bright light. This will enable you to see the glass piece more clearly even if it is small.
  • Wipe the area with a cotton ball soaked in anti septic solution or alcohol so that you can sterilize the area.
  • In the mean time sterilize tweezers and a needle in a cup of water by boiling them for 30 minutes.
  • Gently pull the glass piece with the help of tweezers. If there is tiny and small piece of glass in the foot, you may use needle to remove it. Move the needle to and fro for some time till the piece of glass is released and loosened from the tissue. Now you can use tweezers to gently grasp the glass piece and remove it.
  • Again disinfect the area with anti septic solution or alcohol and apply anti bacterial ointment before covering it with gauze or a band aid.

Alternate Methods to Remove Pieces of Small Glass from Foot

    There are several other methods that you can use at home to remove the piece of glass out of your foot.

    • Apply castor oil on the surface where the glass piece has penetrated. Or soak castor oil on a piece of gauze and place it on the area. Cover the area with a bandage and leave it for a day. Remove the bandage the next day; to your surprise you will see the glass piece on the piece of gauge.
    • Apply glue on the surface where the glass has penetrated. After some time when the glue has dried out, scrape it and you will find a piece of glass together with the scraped glue.
    • Bacon fat also helps to remove the glass piece impacted in your foot. Place the fat on the area where the glass has penetrated. Cover it with a bandage. Next morning remove the bandage, and you can easily remove the piece of glass either the tweezers.

    Having said all this do not forget to take tetanus immunization from your doctor.

    One thought on “Simple Ways to Remove Small Piece of Glass From Foot

    • March 18, 2012 at 1:32 am

      Great ideas and advice! Except that last bit about the tetanus immunization. Tetanus only survives in an anaerobic environment like a deep puncture wound that bleeds very little or in a diabetic with very poor blood circulation. Continued bleeding will flush the wound with oxygen preventing tetanus. Getting a tetanus booster may or may not be very helpful as it takes two weeks for the immunization to build antibodies and that may be too late. Better to request a tetanus immunoglobin and have the wound debrided and cleaned.


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