How to Remove old Scars Naturally at Home Effectively

Remove Old Scars

There are a number of ways that can effectively remove old scars. Most of these methods which promise effective results in a short span of time usually require the use of medications and cosmetic or surgical procedures.

  • There are products that can be bought over the counter which helps reduce and eventually eliminate the signs of scarring.

    Examples of these include silicone gels, alpha hydroxyl acids, antihistamines, and skin moisturizers like cocoa butter. Commercial moisturizers like creams and lotions can help erase old scars over a period of time by loosening the collagen that makes up the scar.

  • Steroid injections and laser therapy are also effective procedures that can remove scars. These procedures usually would take several sessions to see desired results and have been considered as safe procedures when performed by qualified medical practitioners.

  • Surgical Procedures. There are several procedures that involve surgery that can effectively remove old scars. These include skin flap surgery, skin grafting, Z-plasty, tissue expansion, and the usual form of general surgery.

    Most of these surgical procedures involve removing the scars through incisions and then transferring healthy skin from other parts of the body to be used as a new overlay.

  • Cryotherapy. This is a minimal invasive treatment that involves freezing the scar with liquid nitrogen or argon gas. There are times wherein incisions are needed to fully deal with scar tissues and help in eliminating symptoms of scarring.

Remove Old Scars Naturally

  • Rubbing the scar and massage therapy with the use of natural oils like wheat germ oil and olive oil can erase scars after some time. This should not be done aggressively since the restoration process of the skin with scars usually takes a longer period of time. When forced, it can cause further damage.

  • Vitamin E, sodium bicarbonate solution, or cocoa butter can be used as dermabrasion products to effectively erase old scars. This can be done by rubbing the scar twice a day for at least one minute with the products mentioned.

  • Homeopathic Patches. There are homeopathic patches that contain well-chosen herbs and natural moisturizers that help break down fibers of the collagen which caused the scarring. These patches should be worn during bed time every day until desired results can be observed.

  • Amino Acid Therapy. Amino acids are natural ingredients that enable tissues in the skin to heal and rejuvenate.

  • Physical therapy partnered with ultrasound can help with loosening scar tissues especially contracture scars.

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