Symptoms and Home Remedies for Treating Restlessness

Restlessness is a condition wherein the body is not in equilibrium. When restlessness occurs, it almost certainly means that there is an imbalance or a dysfunction somewhere in the body. When a person seems restless, it is important to search for the cause behind it in order for the person to receive the appropriate treatment if any.

Restlessness Symptoms

A person who appears restless can manifest the following signs and symptoms:

  • Shifting

  • Listless

  • Nervousness

  • Anxious

  • Unable to sit, lie or stand still

  • Pacing

  • Hyperventilation

  • Rapid heart beat or palpitations

  • Irritable

  • Agitated

  • Incoherent

  • Disoriented

  • Confusion

  • Decreased concentration or inability to focus

  • Hyperglycemia or elevated blood sugar levels

  • Hypertension or elevated blood pressure

It is important to note that restless individuals may not show all of the symptoms of restlessness. Depending on the cause, only some of these symptoms may be observed.

Restlessness Causes

There are many factors that can cause restlessness in individuals. The following are some of the known causes for restlessness:

  • Mental Health

    • Depression – individuals in a state of depression can manifest restlessness.

    • Anxiety – anxious individuals or individuals with anxiety disorders can be restless.

    • Stress – everyday stresses from work, at home, or with relationships can overburden the individual causing restlessness.

  • Physical Health

    • Increased sugar levels or hyperglycemia in patients with Diabetes Mellitus can suffer from restlessness.

    • Elevated blood pressure can cause restlessness because of vasoconstriction of the blood vessels that lessens blood transport to the brain.

    • Decreased oxygen levels or hypoxia as well as decreased carbon dioxide levels can cause restlessness because the brain needs oxygen in order to function optimally.

    • Acute pain or severe pain can also cause restlessness in individuals.

    • Severe hunger can cause restlessness in many individuals.

Home Remedies for Restlessness

Individuals who are observed to have changes in sensorium or decreased level of consciousness should be brought to the hospital for immediate treatment of their restless state. The following home remedies should only be done to conscious patients at home while await medical care.

  • Help the person verbalize his or her problems. Many cases of restless patients due to anxiety or depression are due to heavy burdens or problems they are carrying with them. Verbalizing these problems will help ease their restlessness.

  • Remove the individual away from the cause of anxiety especially in patients with anxiety disorders.

  • For patients who are hyperventilating due to their restlessness, have the patient breathe into a paper bag. This will help restore carbon dioxide levels to a healthy level and prevent alkalosis that can cause restlessness. Simply breathing slowly or slowly counting to ten also helps.

  • Administer due insulin doses for patients who are known diabetics. Proper administration of insulin also helps to prevent hyperglycemia.

  • Administer pain medications for patients who are in severe pain.

Other helpful preventive remedies include:

  • Eating a healthy balanced diet and good hydration with water also helps keep the body in equilibrium.

  • Intake of supplemental vitamins and minerals to help keep these in optimal levels and fight off stress that can cause restlessness.

  • Regular exercise helps in the circulation of blood to vital organs in the body.

  • Get enough sleep. Decreased hours of sleep deprive the brain of the oxygen it needs to function properly.

  • Participate in pleasurable activities that help in calming the person such as aromatherapy, massage, music therapy, and hobbies.

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