Why Adopt Soft Food Diet and Its Recipes Ideas?

Chewing and swallowing are important part of digestion. Both require strength and coordination. Some of the reasons why one has to adopt a soft food diet are having had a surgery in the mouth, gastric bypass, and dental. It could also be due to preparation of medical tests.

Soft Food Diet Ideas

Although the physician recommended a soft food diet, it does not mean that one cannot eat delicious food.

The food choices are now limited to more nutritious and soft to the mouth in chewing and swallowing. The following are some of soft food diet ideas.

  • Breads, Cereals, and Grains.

    • This includes cereals such as oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, rice krispies and corn flakes. Also belonging to this group are pancakes, muffins, soft breads, and French toast without the crusts and pasta

  • Eggs and Dairy.

    • The eggs are fine as long as they are not raw and fried. The best way of cooking eggs are soft-boiling and scrambling. Dairy products too like ice cream, milk, chocolate, and yogurt belong to this group.

  • Soups, Sauces, and Condiments.

    • Creamed soups and broths are recommended. For the sauce, select well-blended and pureed.

      For spices and condiments, use salt, pepper, ground leaf herbs & mild spices.

  • Meat and Entrees.

    • Included in this category are tender-cooked meats such as veal, lamb, beef, or liver. One can bake, boil, cream, stew, or roast these. Chicken and turkey must not be fried, and fish such as tuna must be eaten fresh and without bones.

Soft Food Diet Recipes

One can plan the three meals ahead of the time to avoid cramming on what to eat at a particular time of the day. Consider the following.

  • Breakfast.

    • White bread. Choose soft and crustless white bread. Use cream cheese and seedless jelly as the spread.

    • Scrambled eggs. Soft eggs must be scrambled into small pieces.

    • Yogurt.

    • Cold cereal.

  • Lunch and Dinner.

    • Mashed potatoes.

    • Baked potatoes

    • Soup such as tomato or “cream of” soups pack nutrients.

    • Soft shell pasta

    • Spaghetti-O’s

    • Cheese ravioli

    • Quiche

    • Turkey wraps like super-thin deli turkey and roll with avocado, finely grated cheese, and mayo

    • Chicken salads

    • Tuna salads

    • Egg salads

  • Sides and Dessert

    • Applesauce

    • Chocolate

    • Muffins

    • Ice cream

    • Pudding

    • Cottage cheese

    • Tarts or cream pies

    • Oreo cakesters

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