Causes of Tingling in Left Hand and Its Effective Treatment

Tingling in Left Hand

  • Tingling in the left hand is characterized by pricking sensation that can involve some areas or the whole hand.

  • This can come with numbness or pain in the entire hand.

  • This condition is considered to bring much discomfort which makes a sufferer feel panicky.

  • Tingling in the left hand can also be associated with problems relating to the heart.

    However, this is not often the reason for this condition.

  • Most of the known culprits of left hand tingling are problems in circulation, in the muscles, with the nerves or other body parts.

What Causes Tingling in Left Hand Fingers?

A number of health conditions can give rise to tingling in the left hand and fingers. Some of these are severe while others are not so serious, which are explained below:

  • Stroke – This occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen due to inadequate blood supply. When this happens on the right side of the brain, it affects the left side of the body. Symptoms include loss of sensation in the left arm, speech problems and visual difficulties.

  • Transient ischemic attack – This is regarded as a serious problem which is a warning sign of stroke resulting from a clot in the blood vessels of the brain. This affects peripheral sensations which lead to symptoms such as tingling sensation and pain.

  • Raynaud’s disorder – This happens when the blood vessels in the hand becomes narrowed which limits blood circulation into the area. Symptoms include tingling sensation and numbness.

  • Pinched spinal nerve – Cases of herniated disc, cervical spine trauma, spinal arthritis and cervical bone spurs can pinch the nerve in the spine. This will then lead to tingling sensation in the extremities including the left arm.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – This happens because of pressure to the median nerve in the wrist. Individuals prone to this condition are those who make use of their wrist repetitively like those who type or play keyboard often or workers using vibrating machines. When this influences the left hand, it leads to tingling in the fingers, weakness, numbness and pain.

Treatment of Tingling in Left Hand

  • If the tingling in left hand is associated with other stroke symptoms, immediate medical attention is needed.

  • To first determine the underlying cause, physical examination and health history has to be investigated. Some tests required are MRI scan and X-ray.

  • If the tingling comes with pain, pain medication can be administered.

  • Physical therapy can also help in managing the symptoms.

  • Surgery can be indicated if the damage to the nerve is found severe.

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