Causes of Too Much Feet Sweating and Simple Ways to Stop it

Excessive feet sweating can be caused by a number of things including a condition known as hyperhydrosis.

  • Feet sweat when they are left long in a closed, cramped, and warm environment such as shoes

  • Some people will sweat more than others

  • The condition can be embarrassing and it can also be inconvenient and uncomfortable

  • Some report of having trouble keeping warm in the colder months as their sweaty feet keep cold

Feet Sweating Causes

There are a number of possible causes for sweaty feet.

These include:

  • Wearing shoes. Wearing shoes are not a natural state for feet and the cramped conditions can induce a lot of sweating.

  • Wearing the wrong socks. Some socks can resist moisture and increase the amount of feet sweating.

  • Hyperhydorsis. This is a condition where a patient sweats and excessive amount. It may be limited to the feet or it can also be a generalized problem.

  • Weather. Warmer weather can increase the amount of sweating.

How to Stop Feet Sweating

There are a number of ways to stop feet sweating, they include:

  • Using Foot Powders or Antiperspirant Sprays

    • These are very effective treatments that keep the feet dry

    • Some powders work for 8 to 12 hours, keeping the feet dry during work or even longer

    • It is advised to choose powders that have zinc

    • Before using a powder, make sure that the feet are completely dry, get the powder in between the toes

    • When using antiperspirant sprays, dry off the feet before putting on socks

  • Using Socks that Absorb Moisture

    • Many athletic socks wick away moisture from feet, this helps to keep feet dryer for longer

  • Change Shoes Daily

    • Have two or three different shoes on hand

    • Change shoes on a daily basis to allow enough time for drying

    • Do not keep shoes in a dark and confined space while not in use

    • Place them somewhere they can air dry

  • Replace Shoes Regularly

    • It is recommended to get new shoes at least twice a year

    • This helps ensure that the shoe still works fine

    • To avoid high costs, it may be a good idea to go for cheaper shoes as they will be replaced in a short time

  • Clean Feet Properly

    • Wash with an antibacterial soap, making sure to get in between the toes

    • Apply 70% alcohol to feet following cleaning and before applying antiperspirants or foot powders

    • Alcohol helps deodorize the feet for longer

  • Wear Sandals when possible

    • Avoid closed shoes if possible and choose footwear that will allow feet to breath

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