How To Treat a High Ankle Sprain with Exercises and Its Recovery Time

How to Treat a High Ankle Sprain

Below are the steps that a patient can do in treating high ankle sprain.

  • For quick recovery, the sprain that happened should be treated immediately.

  • Primary thing to do when a sprain is felt in the high ankle is to avoid weight from causing too much pressure on the injured ankle by sitting down.

  • After taking pressure off, next step is to apply cold compress. Doing this immediately right after the injury can take days or weeks off the recovery time. An ice pack is also helpful and should be placed for 15-20 minutes at a time.

  • Cold compress should be partnered with elevating the legs above the heart area and wrapping on the injure area with a bandage that is not too tight for a couple of hours.

  • After doing first aid measures, it is now time to take the patient to the doctor for the right diagnosis. X-rays with stress views and MRIs are done to know severity of the injury.

  • When proper diagnosis has been established treatment would follow which will include physical therapy, specialized massages, electrical stimulation, and customized exercises that are made to increase coordination, motion of the joints, mobility, and strength of the high ankle.

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs are given for pain and for the first few days of recovery. Specialized boots and crutches are also recommended.

High Ankle Sprain Recovery Time

  • Recovery time usually depends upon the severity of the damaged ligaments. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades or levels which have various length of recovery time. What is done or not done immediately after the injury can also affect recovery period.

  • For those that have been well-managed right after the injury, normal recovery period would last from 3 to 4 months.

  • For those that have been left untreated and not managed well, it can take up to a year or 18 months for the injury to recover.

  • Minor or 1st grade sprains can take around 2-3 weeks to recover while those 3rd grade ones that may often need surgery can last up to 6 months.

High Ankle Sprain Rehab

Below are some of the exercises that will help in restoring proper function of the sprained high ankle. These should be done after the swelling subsides to prevent further injury.

  • Primary aim for rehabilitation is restoration of mobility and flexibility. First step to be done is moving the ankle up and down in a gentle manner and turning the heel in and out. Restoring flexibility to the calf muscles can be done by bending one leg and stretching the other and vice versa.

  • Second thing to do is to restore strength by using a rubber tube to be used as a resistance. Toe raises and heel and toe walking can also be done.

  • Third step is restoring balance by standing on the injured ankle and putting hands out on the sides. It is advisable to soak the ankle with warm water before doing the said exercise.

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