Why Do I Feel Weird After Getting Off Treadmill? Possible Causes

Before thousands of years Hippocrates was the first to note health benefits of moderate intensity exercise such as walking. Treadmill is one such modern day exercise equipment where you can walk or run over it in one place. People prefer treadmill for various reasons. It can be installed at home. It can be utilized as per convenience without going out of the house for a walk.

 Majority of gyms and health clubs have treadmill for performing cardiovascular exercise and for weight management. It may be natural for a person to feel slightly exhausted after exercising, but feeling dizzy, wired, weak and confused after getting off from treadmill is not normal. One of the reason may be you may have over exercised and overexerted. But if you are experiencing the same feeling every time after treadmill, there is something wrong which must not be neglected. It may be an indication of a health problem. If you are feeling weird regularly after walking or running on a treadmill, consult your physician for evaluation of symptoms at the earliest.

Causes of strange feeling after getting off from treadmill:

There are numerous reasons that may cause weird and strange feeling soon after treadmill workout session. Most of the causes are not serious, but need timely evaluation to rule out a health problem if any.

  • Blood pressure fluctuation: Walking, running or any other type of exercise increases the workload of your heart. The heart has to pump fast to provide necessary nutrient to the muscles. Hence the heart rate increases and so does your blood pressure during and right after exercise. However, in a long run exercise makes heart stronger and gradually reduces blood pressure. A slight fluctuation of blood pressure before and after exercise is normal. But there is major difference together with feeling of dizziness and confusion; it may be an indication of a cardiac problem and needs to be ruled out.
  • Dehydration: Sweating is common with any form of exercise. You may sweat a lot while walking or running on a treadmill. Too much of perspiration may cause mild to moderate dehydration after the workout. This may often cause weakness and sometimes strange feeling or dizziness. Exercise also may increase your body temperature slightly. All the combination of factors may trigger weird feeling.
  • Low blood sugar: Exercise brings down your blood sugar level. You are spending your energy and the circulating sugar gets utilized efficiently by the body cells. A normal person may not experience much of a change, but if you are a diabetic patient and taking anti-diabetic medicines, the effect may become more pronounced resulting in weakness and weird confusion.
  • Coronary artery disease: If you feel dizzy and confused only after few steps of walking and running on a treadmill there is a possibility that you may be having heart disease. Profound tiredness and dizziness, breathlessness together with heaviness or pain in chest after exercise is indicative of coronary artery disease or valvular disease of heart.
  • Change of position: While you are walking or running on the treadmill, your brain takes note of your movement. But when you suddenly step down from the treadmill, your brain is still under the impression that you are moving. This positional change confuses the brain which can give rise of momentary giddiness. However, after few minutes it becomes normal.

What you can do to prevent weird feeling after treadmill:

Treadmill is a great exercising instrument with several benefits. It is the best when you want to exercise but the outside weather does not permit you to walk on the street or the garden. Besides it saves your time as you can also use it at home. With following these safe steps you can make use of treadmill more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • As with any exercise, warm is absolutely necessary. So at first walk slowly when you start your treadmill. This may continue for few minutes before you increase your pace.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink one glass of water one hour before you hit the treadmill. Even after exercise drink some sports drinks. This will keep you away from dehydration.
  • Eat something one hour before exercising. Diabetic must be more careful. A small portion of carbohydrate and a portion of protein is sufficient.
  • Avoid sudden stepping down from treadmill. Instead slowdown the speed of treadmill when you have finished walking. Walk slowly for few minutes before you step down. This will acquaint your brain and may prevent confusion.

If you feel extremely tired, dizzy and weak with chest pain and discomfort in breathing, consult the physician to rule out coronary artery disease. Stop treadmill for few days till the symptoms have been evaluated and you are thoroughly examined by the doctor.