Bed Mites Bites Signs And Symptoms: Treatment For Bed Bug Bites

Bed mite bite has become a constant threat for people who seek to have a good night’s sleep. This is especially true when their house is infested with bed mites. Bed bug is another name of this pesky creature. Just like mosquito, bed bugs feed by sucking human or animal blood.

These insects are oval in shape having no wings. Their color range from brown to dark red, especially after feeding they turn dark red. Bed mites are so called because most often hide in bed frames and mattresses. However, they also hide in cracks and crevices of household furniture, upholstery etc.

Bed bugs prefer darkness, for this reason they hide during the day and come out and bite at night. Once they have sucked the blood, bed mites can survive weeks together without feeding. Usually they live for 10 months.

The bite of bed mite is painless. It is not noticed when they bite. But after a period, raised bumps appear which may become red and itchy. There are multiple bites at the site.

Itching is sometimes so irritating; people tend to scratch continuously till the skin breaks or bleeds. This may later on lead to infection. Bed mite bites do not require any specific treatment, the itching and swelling may recede of its own after sometime. However, some antihistamines and home remedies may help to alleviate itching.

Signs And Symptoms Of Bed Bug Bites

  • Bed bugs bites appear in a row. This characteristic peculiarity is not seen in other insect bites.
  • Bed bugs bite during night when the person is fast asleep.
  • Arms, legs, face and neck are general sites of bed mite bite. They bite on any exposed area of the body.
  • The bite is painless and after some hours, small raised bumps appear.
  • There is intense itching which makes to patient to scratch irresistibly.
  • Scratching can break the skin and invite infection.

Other signs of bed bugs include:

  • Blood stain on bed sheet and mattress.
  • The creature itself hiding in crevices or in the mattresses.
  • Dark spots of wastes and feces in and around their hiding place and on the bed sheet.
  • A specific sweet odor when the infestation of bed bugs is in plenty from the hiding place. This is due to the secretion from their glands.

Home Treatment For Bed Mite Bites

Bed mite bites are not associated with the spread of any disease. Some people may not even feel the bites. There are many others who may require antihistamines and steroidal creams to alleviate itching. If there is an infection due to intense scratching, physicians may prescribe antibiotics.

There are several home remedies that may help to relieve a person from bed bug bite malady:

  • Paste prepared from baking soda is a popular home remedy for alleviating the symptoms of bed mite bites.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on the bite area. The soothing quality of Aloe Vera gel helps to reduce itching and inflammation. Besides, Aloe Vera has mild antibacterial properties which prevent infective pathology.
  • The astringent property of Witch Hazel and lemon is also effective in treating itching sensation after a bed bug bite.
  • When the bug has bitten on many areas, peppermint oil is the best solution. For this add half cup of peppermint oil in the bath tub filled with water and soak in the tub for ten minutes. It is an effective method of relieving itching after a bed mite bite.

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