Home Remedies on How to Remove Liquid Nails from Skin and Surfaces

Liquid Nails is an extra-strength adhesive that binds one surface to another. Its extra-strength formula allows it to be used to bond not only home products but also commercial and even industrial products. Liquid Nails is not to be used on human skin. When the product gets in contact with the skin or other unintended surfaces, the product can be removed.

There are two types of Liquid Nails, the solvent-based and the latex-based adhesive. Each type has its own method of removing the product effectively.

How to Remove Liquid Nails

Liquid Nails can be effectively removed with the use of heat.

Liquid Nails on Skin:

  • Apply heat directly to the adhesive by using a heat gun or adhesive. Heat softens the adhesive and releases its grip on the surface.
  • While heat is being applied, scrape away the adhesive gently.
  • Wash with soap and water until all traces of the adhesive is gone.

Liquid Nails on Surfaces:

  • Apply heat directly to the adhesive.
  • Using a length of wire, move the wire back and forth in a sawing motion using moderate pressure.
    Remember to use safety gloves.
  • Using a screwdriver, prop open the gap made between the two surfaces. This is done to avoid re-adhesion coming from the friction from the wires.
  • Continue sawing and propping the parts with the screwdriver until all the parts are loose.
  • Scrape away any residual adhesive from the surfaces. Applying a light layer of baby oil can help soften the adhesive enough for scraping.

Home Remedies to Remove Liquid Nails

There are helpful remedies found at home that can help remove Liquid Nails adhesive from skin or any surface.

  • Applying mineral spirits to the adhesive will help separate the surfaces adhered together.
  • Applying petroleum jelly on the surfaces can also help soften the adhesive enough for separation.
  • Applying vegetable oil can also help remove the adhesive.
  • After application of oil or mineral spirits, use a clean cloth to gently wipe away the adhesive from the surface.
  • Wash the surfaces, especially skin, using soap and water. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until all adhesive is removed.
  • Different types of adhesive may be easily removed compared to other types. For example, latex-based adhesives can be easily removed using soap and water while solvent-based adhesive responds well to petroleum jelly, vegetable oil, or mineral spirits.
  • All types of adhesive can be effectively removed or separated using heat but once separated, it must remain separated so that re-adhesion does not occur.

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