Cause Of Numbness In Right Arm: What Are Its Treatment Options?

Numbness is an abnormal sensation that you feel anywhere in the body. People often feel loss of sensation or tingling sensation in hands and fingers. It can be unilateral or bilateral. Numbness in right arm can result from many different conditions. This abnormal sensation can extend from arm till fingers or is localized only in arm area depending on the cause.

Usually lack of blood supply or damage or compression of nerve is the underlying reason that gives rise to numbness in right arm. Infections, diabetes, leprosy, stroke, tennis elbow, sleeping in awkward position can lead to loss of sensation in arm.

In majority of cases, numbness is temporary and recovers without any treatment. However, numbness for long period of time needs to be investigated. Physiotherapy, medications, eating healthy diet, massage, usually cures the condition.

Cause Of Pain And Numbness In Right Arm

There are several reasons of numbness in right arm. The onset can be sudden or it may be gradual and last over a period of time.

The cause of numbness may be as minor as sleeping in awkward position compromising blood flow or as serious as an impending symptom of stroke. Below are given possible causes of numbness in right arm.

  • Lack of circulation: Pressure on right arm for a long period of time can slowdown blood circulation due to compression of blood vessels. For example resting your head on your arm while sleeping, keeping your hand and arm in awkward position can reduce the circulation resulting in numbness and pin and needles in right arm.
  • Injury: The right arm can become numb if it is injured. Injury can damage the blood vessels or it can damage the nerve, both resulting in numbness. Nerve compression in neck or in arm can also lead to numbing sensation.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Numbness can be one of the reasons for vitamin B-complex deficiency, especially vitamin B12 and B6.
  • Alcohol and tobacco: Numbness and tingling sensation is long term effect of tobacco and alcohol intake. Both in long term can damage the blood vessels and nerves.
  • Diabetes: Diabetic neuropathy is one of the complications of diabetes. This symptom usually occurs in patients suffering from diabetes for long time, especially in those whose blood sugar is not controlled.
  • Toxins: Toxins of insect bites, such as tick bite or spider bite can produce numbness in particular area of bite.
  • Medical conditions: Leprosy, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome all can cause numbness in different areas of body, including in right arm.
  • Frostbite: It can occur anywhere which also includes numbness in right arm.
  • Stroke and TIA: Transient ischemic attack is a condition that results from lack of circulation in brain of fraction of second. It can cause tingling and numb feeling if particular part of brain which controls right hand is deprived of blood. TIA often is preceding sign of major stroke.

Treatment Options For Numbness In Right Arm

Majority cases of numbness in right arm are temporary and after proper treatment, patients feel better. If the sensation occurs due to minor cause such as resting your head on your arm for long time, it may not require any treatment.

  • In certain conditions, treatment may be vital. For example numbness in arm and hand caused by compression of nerve in elbow or lack of circulation in arm may need treatment. In many cases anti inflammatory medicines are useful.
  • Warm compresses are effective as it encourages blood flow to the area. Additional nutrition is provided to the damaged nerve and tissue with increased blood.
  • Stretch your arm or move around your arm if it is inactive for a long time. It helps to increase the blood flow and reduces the abnormal feeling of numbness.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes, control of blood sugar is of vital importance. Patients suffering from vitamin deficiency have to eat diet that contains vitamins, especially vitamin B12, B1 and B6. Sometimes vitamin supplements are prescribed by the doctor in nutritional deficiency.
  • Numbness in right arm accompanied with other symptoms such as loss of bladder and stool control, weakness in right arm, distorted vision etc needs immediate medical attention.