Causes of Pulsating Pain in Tooth: Tooth Cavity, Sinus Infection, Extraction

Toothache is extremely debilitating condition. It is the most common dental problem experienced by children as well as adults. Pain in tooth can develop at any moment without giving any warning signal. People describe toothache in many ways. Sharp and pulsating tooth pain can make you crazy. Pulsating pain is pain which comes and goes.

It signifies that there is excess of blood flow to the tooth which normally occurs because of inflammation of the tooth. Pain is caused due to irritation to the nerve root of the tooth. You can suffer from pulsating sharp tooth pain due to various reasons such as infection, cavity, injury, crack in tooth, improper dental filling, gum inflammation, and even because of root canal treatment.

Causes of Pulsating Pain in Tooth:

There are several causes that may be responsible for pulsating pain in tooth. Pain in tooth occurs due to inflammation in pulp, the central part of tooth. The pulp area contains nerves. The sensitive nerves become irritated due to inflammation. Various reasons can cause pulsating toothache.

  • Tooth cavity: A cavity in tooth can cause pulsating and throbbing tooth pain.
    It is aggravated when you eat something very hot or cold.
  • Infection of the gums: Pulsating tooth pain can develop due to inflammation and infection in the gum. This may also affect pulp of the tooth giving rise to pain and swelling.
  • Sinus infection: Few people suffering from sinusitis often complain of toothache. This is because the roots of teeth and sinuses are near each other. Inflammation and infection in sinuses must be considered as cause if you do not find any other reasons for pulsating toothache.
  • Tooth extraction: Person may experience pulsating sharp pain after extraction of tooth. This may remain for few days after the dental procedure. It is due to the damage caused to the tissues and nerves during the extraction. Pain medication for few days usually relieves the pain and inflammation.

Pulsating pain caused after root canal treatment: Root canal is a dental treatment to save an infected tooth instead of its removal. It is a procedure in which the damaged and infected area, mainly the pulp is removed, cleaned and disinfected. It is then filled and sealed. Root canal treatment is done if there is a deep cavity, cracked tooth or any traumatic injury to the teeth which requires frequent treatment procedures. Many people believe that once they do root canal treatment, they will not suffer from pain. But it is not so. As the nerves in the pulp become dead, person may not become sensitive to cold, hot food and liquid. But for few days after root canal, the area around the tooth may remain sensitive and person may feel some sort of pulsating pain. However, most dentists after treatment prescribe anti inflammatory pain killers hence if at all, the pain is minimal. Small steps taken can help to reduce pain after root canal. For example person must avoid eating hard substances soon after root canal treatment. He must brush his teeth regularly and maintain good oral hygiene.