What are the Causes of Recurring Lump in Armpit Area and Its Treatment

Recurring Lump in Armpit

A recurring lump in the armpit is not only frustrating but also sometimes a cause for concern. Though the appearance of a lump does not necessarily mean cancer, it is best to check with a physician for a proper diagnosis. Knowing beforehand the cause of the lump is best recognized as early as one possibly can to be able to acquire immediate treatment if required.

Additionally, since lymph nodes are known to confine infectious cells in the body, lumps in the underarm may usually be due to an enlarged lymph node. It may or may not even bother a person having one except for the mere fact of its presence. A recurring lump in the armpit can be itchy, tingly, tender to the touch, or even be painful but the lump may also be just a mild allergic reaction or a very serious medical condition that can vary from a cyst, an abscess, a tumor, and worse, cancer.

Recurring Lump in Armpit Causes

A recurring lump in the armpit has a wide variety of causes and can stem from mild to severe. Some of the causes can either be from:

  • A bacterial infection like an arm or breast infection, lymphadenitis etc.
  • A fungal infection such as sporotrichosis.
  • A viral infection like AIDS, chickenpox, and herpes zoster.
  • Allergic reactions that is usually common after measles and mumps vaccination or a small pox immunization. It can also be due to an allergic reaction from certain drugs like penicillin, iodine and sulfa.
  • Cancer like in Leukemia, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or a Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is one of the most common causes individuals immediately assume they have when they experience a recurring lump.
  • Harmless cysts and growths or just normal breast tissue that extended into the armpit area.

Recurring Lump in Armpit Treatment

Treatment of a recurring lump in the armpit would usually depend on the cause of the lump. Usually when caused by a viral infection, it doesn’t exactly need treatment for the lump but would usually go away on its own. A lump caused by allergy, on the other hand, will only go away once the cause of the reaction is removed. With harmless lumps, there is basically no need for treatment unless it becomes too large or uncomfortable for the individual

On the other hand, a recurring lump that is diagnosed to be very harmful to the body, such as Cancer, is given immediate medical attention. However, the treatment for cancerous lumps would usually depend on the specific type of cancer.

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