Sweating After A Shower: What Are Its Causes & How To Stop It?

Sweating after a shower is a syndrome which afflicts many people. In fact sweating before a shower is in itself so common and can be attributed to global warming. To deal with humid conditions people take showers. But after a shower they need to step back into the same humid conditions that lead to renewed sweating.

However, excessive sweating after a shower is an affliction that has its root in a malady. This affliction is marked by an overwhelming desire to go for another shower to rid the feeling of stickiness. People of all ages may get afflicted with this disease.

What Causes Sweating After A Shower?

Sweating after a shower happens because of multiple reasons. But it mostly happens because of some major reasons such as hot water, the humid environment and the friction of the towel on your body.

If you have a hot water shower, the water left on your skin after the shower raises the temperature of your body leading to sweating. This may also happen because of high humidity and temperature levels in the bathroom caused by the hot water vapors.

Sweating after shower may also happen because of the heat generated by vigorous rubbing of your body with a towel. Those used to cold water shower tend to sweat because the body finds it impossible to cope with the humid conditions after a cold water bath.

How To Stop Sweating After Taking A Shower?

  • The Cool-down: If you tend to sweat because of ‘hot water’ and ‘hot room’ then the cool down method can be pretty useful. The technique involves lowering the amount of hot water that is showered on you. This helps you get used to the new temperature. You can repeat this process throughout your shower. If you follow this process it is advisable to rinse your hair in cold water so that your head doesn’t get too hot after the shower.
  • Pat-dry: If rubbing yourself dry with a towel leads to sweating then you need to pat gently to dry yourself up. It creates no heat and prevents after shower sweating. Alternatively, you can bring the temperature of the towel down by soaking it in cold water, wrenching it dry and then using it to rub your body dry.
  • Air management: If sweating after shower is because of ‘hot room’ problem then it is very important to manage the flow of air. Do not forget to turn on the exhaust fan of your bathroom before taking a bath. If not, you can open the windows, while you take bath. An effective alternative is to put an electric fan in the bathroom. While drying yourself, you can stand under it to cool yourself. Likewise, you can dry yourself in your room with the cooler on to ensure there is no sweating after a bath.

All of the above mentioned ways can be very effective in stopping sweating after a shower. However, for the best results, you need to know which one works the best for you.

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