Belly Fat Exercises, Diet | How to Reduce Abdominal Fat, Muscles

Question: Hey! My name is Anum Murtaza. I m 16…I have a good figure but I have a little belly fat…not a lot But when I wear tight clothes my belly looks prominent…please help me!


How to Reduce Belly Fat

You would require losing the extra fat on your abdomen. The best way is to ensure that you undertake simple exercises like stretching, so that they put a stress on your abdominal region.  Yoga has profound effect in management of the condition.

Here is a simple yoga exercise that can help your condition.

Bhujangasana is a yoga exercise which stimulates digestive organs, enhances assimilation of food and increases the basal metabolic rate. This exercise stretches the abdominal muscles and aids in strengthening the muscles which prevents any sagging or protrusion. This pose is also called the Cobra Pose. Here arethe steps,

  • Lie down on the floor with your head facing upwards and your palms towards the floor
  • Ensure that the body is as supine as possible. Stretch your back and spine
  • Raise your body, with the support of your palms and ensure that the spine arches backward
  • Expand your chest and tilt your head backwards.
    Hold this position for about five to seven seconds and then relax for about thirty seconds before repeating the pose.
  • Repeat this exercise thrice a day for the first few days. Following this increase the frequency as you may deem it convenient.

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