How To Clear Blocked Or Clogged Ears With Natural Remedies

Blocked ear or Clogged Ear or Plugged Ear is a condition which results due to imbalance in air pressure on either side of the ear drum. When the pressure is not appropriate, the ear drum cannot vibrate freely. This may result into problem in hearing or muffled hearing, ear pain, ringing sound in the ear etc.

 Blocked ears can cause a lot of discomfort.  Hence, it is important to treat blocked ear or clogged ear at the earliest.

Common Causes And Symptoms Of Clogged Ear

There are various reasons which can cause a block or clog in the ear. Some common reasons are:

  • Development of ear wax in the middle ear or in the ear canal itself may cause blocked ear.
  • Blocked ear usually occurs when there is a sudden change in pressure around us such as: taking off or landing of an airplane, driving uphill or downhill, deep diving in a swimming pool etc.
  • Eustachian tube gets blocked with mucous during Sinus or common colds may also cause a blocked ear. Allergies or Infections may also result in blocked ear.
  • Foreign body in the inner ear can also result in blocking of the ear.

In most cases, blockage of the ear is not associated with any symptoms, except sensation of ear block. However, in some cases, it can be associated with ear pain, dizziness and inability to hear clearly.

Natural Home Remedies For Blocked Ear Or Clogged Ear

Here are some simple tips that can help in dealing with the problem of blocked ear,

  • Take a deep breath, close your mouth & pinch your nostrils, now try to force the air out via your ears.  If you feel some kind of noise in your ears, the blockage may have been cleared.
  • Repeated swallowing, yawning, or chewing gum is an effective way to release the pressure built up in the ear canal. These activities help balance the uneven air pressure on either sides of the Eustachian tube and help in unclogging the ear.
  • Steam inhalation is very beneficial in unclogging the ear, especially when the condition is associated with sinusitis or upper respiratory tract infection.
  • Here are some simple remedies that have been proven effective in management of blocked ear, Put a few a drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ears, this will clear the excess wax which may have caused blocked ear. Simple over the counter ear drops can also prove beneficial
  • Warm a little olive oil & apply it to the ears. This will help to clean the wax easily with ear buds.
  • Doctors usually prescribe anti histamines to get relief from severe blockage or clogging.

Please do not neglect the blocked ear or clogged ear if the symptoms continue for a long time.  Please visit your ENT Specialist at the earliest. You may require a hearing test or a more thorough diagnosis to understand the proper line of treatment, depending on the outcome & complications observed by the specialist.

2 thoughts on “How To Clear Blocked Or Clogged Ears With Natural Remedies

  • February 26, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    I have not been able to get relief from my clogged ears trying all of the suggested methods. My ears are clogged while I am standing or sitting in an upright position. It is mostly my right ear. It is driving me crazy. Got any idea why they unclog when I lie down?

    • March 1, 2014 at 2:56 pm

      There are various reasons for clogged ears. It may be due to sinusitis, high altitude pressure, or due to excessive wax in the ear. Often excessive secretion of wax may cause plugged ear. You may have to consult an ENT specialist to find the reason. Do not try to remove excessive wax yourself as there is a risk of perforating your eardrum. Your doctor may use special tools to remove the impacted wax from the ears if that is the underlying cause. He may give medications if you are suffering from sinusitis.


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