Blood in Stool: Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies for Blood in Stool


I pass blood with the stool. What should I do? What foods will help me gain weight? What to use for boils under the arm and around the genitals, and inner thigh area?


Blood in Stool Causes

It would be advisable to get yourself examined to understand the cause of blood in stool.

The commonest cause for bleeding per rectum is piles. Treatment for piles includes, consuming loads of water to prevent constipation, eating fibre rich foods and having an active lifestyle. Make sure that you consume 3 dry figs and 10 raisins everyday. It will check the inflammation and engorgement of the rectal veins.

Foods that help you put on weight are – milk, yogurt, fruits such as bananas, custard apple, raisins, dates and figs. Also, eat a complete and a balanced diet, which supply you with the right number of calories, thus helping you gain weight.

Make sure that you maintain good hygiene and cleanliness. Shower at least twice a day, wear clean clothes and undergarments, and change bed sheets frequently.

Wash all your belongings in hot water to which an anti-septic has been added. In case the boils are pus filled, a broad spectrum anti-biotic is advocated. Take a sitz bath daily. Fill a tub with hot water, add a few drops of an anti-septic and sit down in the tub for 10 minutes. This will be highly effective in the management of boils.

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