Jaundice Relapse | Can Jaundice Come Back | Can Jaundice Return

Question: Can jaundice happen again after getting cured once?

Jaundice Relapse

Answer:  Jaundice is not a disease condition or a syndrome but a symptom which can be caused due to host of disorders of the liver. Jaundice occurs when the biliary tract is obstructed and prevents the cleansing of the blood, which in turn results in icterus or yellowish pigmentation of the skin, sclera, nails, etc.

Yes, jaundice can occur several times in your life span depending upon your dietary patterns, your habits, etc.

Can Jaundice Return?

In patients with Hepatitis B infection, jaundice can occur several times.
Here are some tips to prevent the recurrence of jaundice,

  • Ensure that your diet is high in fiber and low in fats. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Cheese, butter, oily and fatty food should be consumed in moderation. Spicy food should be eaten occasionally.
  • Yoghurt aids in the growth of ‘healthy bacteria’ in the colon. These healthy bacteria result in production of Vitamin K, which is essential for a healthy liver.
  • Milk and milk products should be an integral part of your diet
  • Avoid meat and meat products. These products are difficult to digest and put extra strain on the liver
  • Alcohol abuse results in cirrhosis of the liver, which in turn results in jaundice. Smoking can also have detrimental effect on liver health

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