Causes of Loss of Appetite: Reasons for Not Feeling Hungry Anymore

Question: For over 3 months I have lost my appetite and cannot bear the sight of food, I feel weak throughout the day and experience a severe pain the middle of the back which lasts for about 30-40 minutes before suddenly disappearing. I have lost 3 kgs weight and sometimes my face and feet swell up.

Now I feel the eyelids are heavy

What Causes Not Feeling Hungry Anymore

Answer: What is your sex? What is your age?
The symptoms like nausea at the sight of food and severe pain in the back are indicative of jaundice. It is possible that you are having mild form of biliary obstruction or a gall stone.

Do you observe any yellowness in the skin or in the sclera? What is the color of your stools? Is your urine color dark yellow?

Alternatively, if you are a female, it could be an indication of pregnancy. Please get a urine pregnancy test done to evaluate your condition.

Tips to Get your Appetite Back

Here are a few tips to alleviate your symptoms,

  • Increase the intake of fresh fruit juices.
    Sugarcane juice, apple juice or orange juice will help relieve your symptoms.
  • Ensure that you avoid all forms of junk food, oily or fried food, fatty food like cheese, butter, ghee, etc. Also ensure that you increase the intake of boiled vegetables or vegetable soup.
  • Get a blood test done to assess the levels of bilirubin in your blood. This will give you some idea about the underlying cause of your condition.
  • Ensure that you drink only boiled water and avoid all forms of aerated drinks, alcohol and beverages.

2 thoughts on “Causes of Loss of Appetite: Reasons for Not Feeling Hungry Anymore

  • August 26, 2014 at 6:37 am

    I am 39 years old female and I eat very less. I always feel full even after eating small amount of food. Therefore I am slim. How to increase my appetite and alleviate acid reflux? What are the foods that I should eat to gain weight?

    • August 26, 2014 at 1:35 pm

      • Eat food at frequent intervals.
      • Avoid excess of tea and coffee.
      • Eat foods such as bananas, cottage cheese, milk products to increase weight.
      • Eat your dinner 2 hours before going to bed to reduce acid reflux.
      • Eat less spicy food.
      • Exercise regularly.
      • Reduce your mental stress.


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