Chelation Therapy Side Effects: Risk, Dangers of Chelation Heart Therapy

Question: what are the possible side effects in chelation therapy? Please give food habits to fight blockages of the arteries.
Answer: A therapy which involves the administration of various chelating agents with the objective of removing heavy metals for the body. Chelation Therapy is used in alternative medicine for the treatment of heart diseases. However, there is little evidence about the effectiveness of the therapy in the management of atherosclerosis and heart diseases.

Many have suggested that Chelation therapy has shown some benefits, but most of them are attributed to life style and dietary changes and not to the therapy. Here are a few life style and dietary tips to reduce atherosclerosis and blockage of the arteries,

Tips for Healthy Heart

  • Quit Smoking and reduce the consumption of alcohol. Moderate intake of two servings of red wine has been found to have profound and beneficial effects in management of atherosclerosis.
  • Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They help in fighting free radicals which cause destruction of the arterial wall and result in formation of plaques
  • Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats and carbohydrates. Avoid oil, cheese, butter, fat, meat, etc. Avoid fried and junk food.
  • Finally, ensure that you exercise regularly for about thirty minutes each day. This will improve the blood circulation and enhance the increase in the High Density Lipoprotiens, which have beneficial effect on the arterial walls.

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