Chronic Cold And Cough: Natural Treatment for Cold and Cough


I have a daughter 11 years old. She has suffered from chronic cold and tonsillitis and coughs now for the last few weeks the cough/phlegm has deposited in her chest she snores like a factory when she sleeps has some difficulty in breathing now she has a fever since last 5 days please help me to remove mucus in chest


Cold and Cold Home Remedies

Simple measures to reduce the frequency and intensity of cold and cough are,

  1. Avoid cold foods which can aggravate the inflammatory condition of the throat. Drink warm water which aids in relieving the complaint.
  2. Fruits and vegetables like bananas, cucumber, water melons and papayas tend to have a cooling effect on the body which in turn can aggravate the symptoms.
  3. Increase the intake of vegetables rich in fibers. They enhance the digestive ability.
  4. Ensure that the diet is complete and balanced. Avoid meat, caffeine, sugar, chocolates and spicy foods. Avoid cold drinks along with ice creams.

Natural Treatment for Cold

  1. Onions are very effective in the management of chronic cough. The juice of onion loosens cough and clears congestion in the chest.
  2. Garlic is highly efficient to reduce chest congestion and cough. Add small pieces of garlic to lemon juice and consume it with boiling water. You could add some honey to the paste
  3. Ginger and pepper powder have also been effective in the management of cough. Mix the two ingredients along with honey to form syrup. Consume the syrup about two to three times in a day to relive chest congestion.
  4. Mint tea has the ability to treat the most obstinate and chronic cases successfully and promptly.

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