Cold Shower after Workout: Benefits and Side Effects of Hot or Cold Shower

Pros (Benefits) of Hot or Cold Shower after Workout

  • Body experts and medical professionals believe that cold water can be a real shock to the body, which has been exposed to heat. Hence, lukewarm water is more suitable, allowing the body to slowly recover its normal temperature.
  • Other health and fitness experts believe that cold shower after workout can biologically facilitate the body’s temperature recovery.
  • A cold shower right after workout is beneficial in the sense that muscles becomes less inflamed due to the stress brought by exercise and other resistance training.
  • Cold shower right after workout also helps the blood vessels to contract relieving the post-workout inflammation of the body.
  • Between hot or cold shower after workout, cold shower is more advised by fitness experts. This is in agreement with water therapy as found to be beneficial in preventing soreness in muscles following every workout.

Cons (Side Effects) Of Hot Or Cold Shower After Workout

  • Cold water is not recommended for individuals who have fragile health like those with high blood pressure or heart disease since cold water constricts the blood vessels and lead to high blood pressure.
  • To really determine which among the two is more applicable to your health and physical condition, consult a family doctor.
  • For individuals who have sleeping problems, a warm bath or hot shower is beneficial to calm the nerves and induce sleep.

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