Natural Cure For Corns: How To Treat Corns On Feet Naturally

Painful Corns On The Feet

Corns are toughened area of skin often found anywhere on the feet. These are similar to calluses but are smaller and are, often, painful. Whereas calluses often form in the areas where direct pressure is applied during walking or other activities, corns can form in those areas that are not subjected to grinding pressure. Thus, calluses are often found between or on top of toes.

Although corns and calluses are comprised of dead skin cells, they could be painful. That is the reason why most people would want to get rid of these problems as soon as possible. Another reason is that corns can be unsightly.

Natural Home Remedies For Corns

  • Drop a whole white onion in apple cider vinegar for about 3 hours. Remove onion, cut in half and tie one half on the affected area. Leave on for several hours. This is best done before bedtime.
  • A slice of onion can also be used even without apple cider vinegar. This piece of cut onion is placed directly on the corns.
  • Another great natural cure is fresh pineapple or lemon. Again, the sliced piece is placed on the corn.
  • Squeeze the juice from a raw papaya and apply on the corns.
  • Applications of castor oil also help. Apply castor oil with a cotton ball or tie ball directly on corn before going to bed. Do not fall asleep with it on though.
  • Rub corns with fresh lemons or warmed apple cider vinegar.
  • Another good home remedy is to massage aloe vera gel on the area, as much as possible throughout the day. This will soften the hard corns and aid in their removal.
  • Pumice stones can be used to rub the corns off the feet. However, these can only be used if the corns are not painful. Also, if the corns are soft, a small amount of castor oil can harden them, making them easier to be rubbed off by pumice stones.
  • Soak a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar or simple kitchen vinegar. Rub this on the corns. Repeat daily.
  • A better option that just using vinegar is to rub tea tree oil on the corns after the vinegar was rubbed.
  • Cocoa butter can also be used to treat corns. Just rub it on the corns.
  • Make a thick paste of turmeric and honey. Apply these on the corns.
  • Soak feet in warm sassafras tea for about 1 hour each night.
  • Soak feet in hot water and Epsom salts.
  • Boil about ½ to ¾ cup of oatmeal in 5 cups of water. Allow the temperature to go down. Drain the water and soak feet into the warm water.

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