Crackling And Gurgling Sound In Chest: Its Causes And Treatment

Question: I have been going to an acupuncturist from a couple of months to take some treatment for my thyroid nodule. The acupuncturist believes it is basically a collection of phlegm and acupuncture will help in shrinking it. But from a week or so, I am getting some strange rumbling/bubbling sound in the left side of my chest.

I have never experienced it before and I perhaps can’t express it properly. Could it be phlegm in my lungs? Or is something wrong with my heart. There is no pain or any wheezing. I am nervous though.

What Causes Crackling And Gurgling Sound In Chest?

There are several factors that can result in the sensation of cracking and gurgling in the chest. Some of the leading causes include,

  • Indigestion and gaseous distention of the stomach may result in sensation of gurgling sound in the chest. In most cases these symptoms are associated with retro-sternal burning, water brash and loss of appetite.
  • Excessive accumulation of phlegm or cough in the lungs can also be associated with similar symptoms. However, in this case, the condition is often associated with symptoms like breathlessness, low grade fever and cough. In patients suffering from asthma, wheezing sounds in the form of cracking may be heard, especially in individuals with chronic asthma or status asthamaticus.
  • Though usually heart troubles may not manifest in the form of loud sounds like cracking or gurgling, it is possible that a valvular defect in the heart may create this sensation. This is relatively very rare and is often associated with a host of other symptoms like excessive tiredness, bluish discoloration of the nail beds, breathlessness of slightest exertion, etc.

Treatment For Gurgling Or Crackling Sound In Chest

Apparently, it is very important to identify the underlying cause for this condition. Simple chest X ray can help you confirm if the condition is related to the lungs. Occasionally, gaseous distension can also be observed on the X ray report.

However, here are some tips that can help you control the condition, provided it is diagnosed accurately,

  • Avoid eating fatty and starchy foods. Consume easily digestible foods instead. Don’t skip a meal. Don’t over eat. Consume small quantities of food at frequent intervals of time. If the condition is associated with gastric trouble, these basic modifications can help you.
  • Homeopathic drug Antimony Tart is considered to be very beneficial in case of lung congestion. It helps in natural elimination of phlegm accumulated in the chest.
  • Stop smoking and limit the intake of alcohol. These can also aggravate both the lung and the stomach condition.
  • Add a teaspoon of raw honey to a glass of warm milk along with a tablespoon of turmeric and drink twice a day. Turmeric can help fight chest infections while milk is soothing for the stomach and prevents rumbling of the stomach.
  • Get yourself examined for cardiac anomalies. An echocardiography should be helpful.

Regarding your thyroid nodule you can try some home remedies besides acupuncture.

  • Thyroid nodule is due to lack of iodine in diet.
  • Foods rich in iodine are: seafood’s, fish and shellfish, yogurt, cow’s milk, eggs, and strawberries are rich source of iodine.
  • Iodized salt can be used in daily food preparations instead of plain salt.
  • Kelp is a seaweed, containing plenty of iodine; you can use it while preparing soups and tea.
  • Garlic is another rich source of iodine, incorporate garlic in food preparations regularly.
  • The herb called Bladderwark contains iodine; it can be consumed as tea.

Besides this get blood investigation for thyroid hormones. They are T3, T4, TSH.

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