What Is Cortisol Levels: How to Naturally Decrease Cortisol Levels in Body

One necessary hormone in our body is called the cortisol. This kind of hormone is commonly activated during stress as it is the one responsible in aiding the body regarding the type of energy that should meet with bodily needs during stress. Even though the cortisol is a big help for our body under stress, it can have dire effects when increased in high levels.

How to Decrease Cortisol Levels Naturally

Among the negative effects of increased cortisol are high blood sugar, weight gain, and low immunity. It also important in determining what is cortisol levels to know the type of treatment appropriate for this condition. Since high levels of cortisol can result to serious effects, it is necessary to regulate the amount of cortisol released in our body. These methods on how to decrease cortisol levels include the following:

  • One initial step in monitoring your cortisol level is by checking the protein intake of your body. Make sure you get enough protein as more protein in the body can lower cortisol levels. Good sources of protein include lean cuts, beans, and nuts.
  • Another helpful way on how to decrease cortisol levels in the body is by including omega 3 in your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids help the body by reducing inflammation as well as cortisol levels. Omega 3 food sources include olive oil, beans, tuna, or salmon.
  • Gluten-free grains can also help regulate cortisol levels. These gluten-free foods include buckwheat, amaranth, or millet.
  • How to decrease cortisol levels also include eating foods with low glycemic load. High glycemic levels in the body greatly increase the production of cortisol in our body. Low glycemic foods include beans, carrots, apple among others.
  • A daily supplement of antioxidants such as vitamin C can also help strengthen the body as well as reducing cortisol levels.

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