Ectopia Vesicae: Management and Treatment of Ectopia Vesicae

Question: What is the treatment of complete ectopia vesicae of a female person? What is the cost?

Answer: Ectopia Vesicae is a congenital anomaly which is characterized by eversion of the urinary bladder. The condition my involve absence of a portion of the lower abdominal wall, exposing the bladder or absence of anterior wall of the bladder.

The condition may also present in the form of eversion of the posterior wall through a deficit.

Ectopia Vesicae Treatment and Management

  • The management of the condition is fairly complex and intricate. It is desirable that you repair the bladder immediately after delivery, as, otherwise it may be associated with social stigma.
  • The only management of the condition is surgical, which involves suturing of the muscle and fascial layer to protect the anterior portion of the bladder. Following the surgical treatment, regular follow ups with the physician may be required to reduce complications and monitor the improvement.
  • Children with congenital malformations are more prone to recurrent infections or symptoms of urinary tract obstruction.
  • Unfortunately, the cost of the surgical intervention will depend upon the location and country of residence. Since it is a major surgical procedure, the cost may be high.
    If you are located in Europe or America you could consider the option of medical tourism, which can help in reducing cost by over 50%, however it depends on the condition of the child.

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