Eye Irritation Home Remedies: Treatment & Causes Of Eye Swelling

Mild Eye Puffiness and Irritation

The eyes can be affected by a variety of infections, ailments, and problems. One of these is eye irritation which could be accompanied by mild swelling. An inflammation occurs in response to something, be it trauma, infections caused by bacteria or viruses, allergies, surgery, or environmental irritants.

Treatment of Swollen Eye

The eyes are delicate organs that are also very important to a person. Thus, it must be protected from permanent damage such as scars that could be caused by the irritation. Of course, most eye irritations are really not serious. However, these could progress to something that could cause scarring if not treated immediately. The following home remedies can be used to treat eye irritation:

  • Elder leaves placed over eyelids will offer relief from mild burning.
  • A cooled tea bag placed over lids will help to refresh eyes as well as reduce puffiness.
  • Apply witch hazel on a cotton ball and gently massage lids for mild swelling and irritation.
  • Brew some lobelia tea and smooth on cooled liquid over lids with clean finger tips.
  • Cooled chamomile tea bags are soothing and offer relief from puffiness and redness.
  • Gently massaging cooled golden seal tea and rosewater is excellent for tired eyes.
  • Bilberry can also be used as it has a lot of benefits when applied to the eyes, including preventing and treating infections and various eye-related diseases.
  • Clean hands, then, massage the eyes gently. Make sure to also include the areas where the tear ducts are located as eye irritation can sometimes be caused by blocked tear ducts.

Irritated Eye Information, Tips

  • The eyes are very sensitive organs so do not just put anything on them unless they have been proven to be effective. This will ensure that the eyes are protected from further damage from a product that may not even work.
  • Keep the eyes clean at all times.
  • Do not touch the eyes. When it really is necessary to touch the eyes, keep hands cleaned with soap and water beforehand.
  • Makeup and cosmetics can enter the eyes and cause irritation. If wearing makeup could not be avoided, use those that are hypoallergenic and those that do not cause eye irritation.
  • Sometimes, some infections in other parts of the body travel to other organs, including the eyes. To prevent this from happening, at the first sign of infection anywhere in the body, try to find treatment.
  • Because injuries and trauma could also cause eye irritation, make sure to keep the eyes protected.

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