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Foot strain may be acute or chronic but always involves Mechanical effects on soft tissue. It may occur in the normal foot from normal walking or standing if the patient has been unaccustomed to a great deal of activity. If allowed to persist deformity may result.

The general rule for this type of foot dysfunction is that pain and dysfunction can occur from: (1) abnormal stress on a normal structure (2) normal stress on an abnormal structure or (3) normal stress on a normal structure when it is not prepared for the stress.

Patients who become symptomatic to the point of seeking medical attention will find that rest and oftentimes curtailment of walking or for that matter elimination of the latter are necessary to relief. When foot strain symptoms are sufficiently severe a cast may be applied to provide total rest while still permitting ambulation.

Once acute foot strain symptoms have subsided the foot must be rehabilitated. Often the patient’s history indicates that pain began after a change in occupation, a period of excessive weight gain, or activities involving excessive walking or standing. It is not unusual to find that symptoms began with the wearing of a different type of shoe. Once discovered these factors must be altered or remedied.

Foot Strain Treatment

Corrective shoes can play a major role in addressing foot strain from running. They help minimize the stress placed on the foot by providing adequate support. When fitted properly they impose no stress of their own and accommodate normal “spread” of the foot as the day progresses.

These shoes should be broad across the forefoot and have a last that conforms to the weight bearing print of the foot. And they should be long enough to allow at least 1/2 inch space beyond the longest digit.

Women’s shoes should have broad low heels, rounded toes and a vamp that will not constrict the metatarsal heads. It is a sad commentary that many women’s shoes are designed exclusively for style with no concern for health and comfort.

Foot strain may also result in or could be a result of foot fracture. Some foot fractures are also due to a lot of repeated stress on some bones and joints and are referred to as stress fractures. They could also be at the ankles, called ankle stress fractures and some other weight bearing bones in the body subjected to repeated physical stress.

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