Hammer Toe Treatment: Surgery, Therapy & Exercises For Hammertoes

Information On Hammer Toe

One of the most common foot problems is the hammer toe; a fixed deformity of a toe joint where the toe “curls” up with the end usually pointing downward. Pressure and friction result in painful calluses forming on the tip and top surfaces of the toe.

The condition is occasionally congenital but the acquired variety is the most common. Shoes that are too short and elastic stockings (panty hose) of the wrong size are some of the major causes for toes to hammer.

Treatment for Hammer Toe

  • Once the deformity takes place little short of fusing the toes in a straight position surgically can be done to correct it. Treatment is directed toward the avoidance of pressure over the protruding joint(s) by use of proper fitting shoes with seamless toe boxes made of soft leather.
  • In some cases bulging of the shoes with a shoemaker’s swan is necessary.
  • For the severely deformed foot, custom made shoes may be required. Often, these shoes might be the only ones that can fit the person aside from also offering relief and possible correction to the foot.
  • While treatment for this condition is focused on footwear keep in mind the matter that the patient is dealing with a medical-health need. As with other such needs, it is best to seek for professional medical help to provide the necessary expertise to correct this problem.
  • Another great option is for a brace to be placed on the toes. This brace will force the muscles to stretch out. Little by little, this will correct the deformity. Because each patient will have a different foot and toe structure, the braces will differ from each other.

Therapy For Hammertoe

  • Aside from surgical correction and using custom-made shoes, the patient would also benefit from physical therapy.
  • There are many options for physical therapy. The most obvious one is to find a physical therapist to help the patient deal with the hammer toe problem.
  • The other option, which is great as well, is for the patient to do the physical therapy by himself. However, keep in mind that this will only be effective if the problem has just started and the hammer toe does not impede movement at all.

Stretching Exercises For Hammer Toe

  • Every day, the patient should try to slowly stretch the toes back to where they should be located.
  • Do this as many times in the day as possible. In fact, even while doing mundane activities in the house (like watching TV), the patient can massage his or her toes back to their proper position.

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