Heavy Bleeding and Clotting: Treatment of Heavy Periods and Clotting

Question: Heavy periods and clotting problem every month, what can cause heavy bleeding with clotting?

Answer: Heavy periods associated with abdominal pain are the commonest cause of discomfort among women within the reproductive age group.

If the condition is not managed effectively it may result in deficiency disorders like anemia. Here are a few simple home based remedies to help you control the problem,

Treatment for Heavy Bleeding and Clotting During Period

  • Lemon juice is known to have beneficial effect in reducing the pain and intensity of menstruation.
  • Drink freshly extracted lime juice about three to four times a day, especially during your periods
  • Fruit juices have been known to have profound benefits. Grapes, apples, pomegranate, amla, banana, etc are rich in antioxidants and are packed with vitamins and minerals. These will prevent the occurrence of any deficiency disorder and also help in management of the condition. Sugarcane juice is also beneficial
  • Coconut water is also considered beneficial in the management of the condition
  • In addition to dietary guidelines, it is important to avoid any form of strenuous and heavy exercise during your periods.
  • Instead regular sleep and rest are important. Stress, anxiety and mental tension can aggravate the condition and it is vital that avoid prolonged exposure to sun, excessive heat and avoid long travel or journeys

Concurrently, get yourself evaluated by your gynecologist to understand the underlying cause of the condition.

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