Home Remedies to Unplug Ears: How To Unclog Ears Naturally

The ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. This is because the ears is not only for auditory functions, it is also important in maintaining a person’s equilibrium or one’s sense of balance. On the other hand, there are plenty of problems that can hound the ears and cause a noticeable distortion of its normal functioning.

One of the problems that can affect the ears is it getting plugged.

There are various reasons why this happens, although the most common culprit is due to bacterial infection and accumulation of ear wax. Factors such as the onset of colds and changes in atmospheric pressure can also cause the ears to become plugged.

Natural Way and Home Remedies to Unplug Ears

If you have plugged ears, try any of the following natural ways to unplug them:

  • One natural way to unplug your ears is to put a few drops of pure grain alcohol in the ear canal. This clears up congestion in the canal, thus allowing you to hear better and feel better.
  • Because wax accumulation is a common cause for having plugged ears, it is important to clean the ear regularly. To do this, one must avoid using the risky method of using cotton swabs because such only pushes the wax deeper. It is better to have the ears cleaned professionally.
  • One common exercise that you can try at unplugging the ears is through blowing. In executing this exercise, hold your nose and blow with your mouth in one gasp of expulsion of air. This will alleviate the pressure in the ears. A variation of this exercise is stocking up air in the mouth and then blowing the air out through the nose while holding it. The pressure will help expel any substance that causes blockage in the ear canal.
  • Another exercise you can try is swallowing and yawning. This is commonly for those who have just arrived at their destination through an airplane. Changes in atmospheric pressure causes the ears to become plugged, so chewing gum while in flight and practicing to yawn greatly helps.
  • If you take a bath from a tub, try having a hot shower in a tub and linger in the room for at least 15 minutes after taking bath. The steam will help liquefy accumulated wax or loosen the pressure on the plugged ear. This simple remedy can also be done by placing hot water in a pitcher then place the affected ear on the area where the steam passes out.

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