How to Get Rid Of Corns: Natural Treatment and Remedies for Foot Corns

Question: Is there any home remedies or treatment for Corns?
Answer: Corns are localized thickened skin, especially, in the toe or sole of the feet which may extend to the subcutaneous tissue. They are painful elevations with the apex of the corn pointing inwards. They are extremely tender to touch and invariably the result of faulty foot wear. Here are a few simple tips for management of corn,

Treatment and Home Remedies for Foot Corns

  • Freshly extracted juice of raw papaya acts as a potent and beneficial treatment for management of corn.
  • This juice acts as an irritant and its local application for three to four times a day will reduce the thickening and alleviate the pain
  • Similarly, the juice of green figs aids in softening the corn and helps in peeling it off. The freshly extracted juice of green fig should be applied about twice a day
  • Lemon juice removes dead and damaged skin. Local application of lemon juice on the corn will help in reduce the pain and soften the thickened corn
  • Ensure that your diet is rich in vitamins and nutrients.
  • Try to replace your foot wear with a more comfortable pair of shoes. Alternatively you could use corn caps, readily available at chemist shops.
  • Homeopathic drug ‘Antim Crud’ in low potency, repeated for six to eight times in a day is considered to be beneficial

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