Increased Urination Frequency in Day: Causes of Increased Urination Frequency


Frequent urination day and night.


There could be various causes for increased frequency of urination:

Frequent Urination Causes

The most commonly occurring cause for increased urination is – urinary tract infection. (this condition is invariably associated with itching and / or burning of the urethra while passing urine, pain in the urethra or discomfort in the lower abdomen, and occasionally fever.) it would be advisable to get a routine Urine Examination and Assessment done to understand the exact cause.

Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) or renal calculi / stones could cause you to pass urine frequently. So, a USG abdomen will also be useful in diagnosing accurately.
Diabetes mellitus is anĀ  important factor responsible for increased frequency of urination. (in this medical condition, urination occurs more during the night. Also, there will be certain associated features like – weight loss, weariness and fatigue, burning of the palms and soles and irritability.) Is there a family history of the condition? Assessing the blood glucose level is critical. Make sure, you assess fasting as well as the post prandial blood samples.

Prostate disorders are known to cause recurrent urination. Benign enlargement prostate or BEP causes the gland to grow / enlarge, and this presses on to the urethra, as a result, the frequency of urination goes up. (Associated features include – dribbling of urine / involuntary urination, difficulty in initiating the urinary floe, and straining to urinate.) Ultra-sound of the abdomen will give you a clear picture and help make the diagnosis.

It is very crucial to determine the exact cause of the problem and then embark on to the right treatment plan. A visit to the physician is recommended.

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