Infant Cough Remedies: Chest Phlegm and Cough Relief for Infants

Cough and phlegm is one of the many common problems that we experience throughout our lives. Cough and chest phlegm can occur in any age, whether you are old or just a little baby. However, these health problems are more difficult to treat in the case of babies and infants.

Cough would usually come with a bad cold and other symptoms that are really difficult for infants since they do not practically know how to cough the phlegm out.

Not only will the baby undergo difficulty in coping with the chest phlegm and cough, but also for parents who will have a hard time trying to find ways to cure their child.

Moreover, the predicament of cough in babies can be handled pretty well as long as you have the right information on some remedies to cure cough and chest phlegm in infants.

Home Remedies for Infant Cough and Phlegm

Here are some simple home remedies that can help in the management of infant cough and phlegm,

  • Since this is the infant’s condition that is at stake, it is always important to seek out a pediatrician’s help. Your pediatrician has the knowledge on what type of medication to give your baby.
    Your pediatrician will also help you in identifying certain allergies your infant might develop.
  • There are home medications that are generally safe to be administered to your baby. You can use sage to treat the cough and phlegm in your infant. Sage is usually used to dry up mucus.
  • Water therapy is also one effective way in dissolving the phlegm in your infant’s chest. Water is also good in flushing out the bacteria that causes the cough.
  • A humidifier present in the infant’s room can also help in relieving the symptoms of cough and cold. A humidifier can help adjust room temperature thereby providing a pleasant atmosphere for your infant.
  • The food that you give your infant can also be one cause in aggravating the symptoms of cough. Hence, it is important to know what food to avoid.
  • Be very careful when deciding to buy over-the-counter medicines for cough. Remember that the infant’s resistance to certain drugs is very different from adults. Thus, consulting the pediatrician is extremely important.
  • Homeopathic drugs like Antimony Tart and Bryonia are considered beneficial in the management of cough and production of phlegm in chest.

While alternative and natural remedies can be really effective for adults, its effectiveness does not always go the same with infants. Some could even cause the situation to worsen rather than curing the infant. Always consult with your pediatrician.

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