Laughing Too Much: Causes And Treatments for Excessive Laughing

Question: What is the remedy for laughing too much which happens untimely without reason. What is the cause of excessive laughing disorder. Please show me the easy way to come out of this disorder.


Excessive Laughing Treatment

Laughing too much may be linked to psychological, emotional or mental issues. Excessive laughing are usually manic episodes, wherein individuals have a tendency to over react and laugh immoderately at a situation.

Laughing Too Much Causes

  • Laughing excessively, is especially, common in depressed individuals who get overjoyed at simple stimuli and find hilarity in everything.
  • Another important cause is schizophrenia. In schizophrenia the coordination among the 5 senses and the capability to understand is highly altered, resulting in varied responses.
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder is a behavioral disorder, characterized by disturbed social interaction, repetitive behavior and excessive laughter.
  • Momentary laughing spells are also seen with the use of some drugs

In case, the condition is troublesome and worrying you, I would advice you to consult your doctor and a counselor / psychiatrist and take their opinion.

It is always prudent undertake a complete physical and mental evaluation and understand the underlying specific cause of excessive laughing.

Treatment for Laughing Too Much

New drugs / treatments for schizophrenia and behavioral disorders, along with improved prescribing practices, makes the management of laughing too much problem more successful, than in the past. In the last decade, new medicines have been introduced, and they also have a considerably lowered side effect profile. They speed up stabilization and recovery from the disorder, especially when supported by counseling, social, family and friend support.

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