Menorrhagia: Home Remedies and Natural Treatment of Menorrhagia

Question: Is menorrhagia curable without operation?
Answer: Unfortunately, this depends on the cause of menorrhagia. Most forms of menorrhagia are treated using conventional therapies like oral contraceptive pills or progestin therapy or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs

Surgical intervention is needed when the cause of menorrhagia is a fibroid, endometriosis or some other defect. Surgical treatment may range from a simple dilatation and curettage to complete hysterectomy.

There are a host of technique which are largely classified under two heads which include rectoscopic endometrial abrasion techniques and non rectoscopic endometrial abrasion techniques.

Natural Home Remedies and Treatment for Menorrhagia

Some home remedies for the management of the condition include,

  • Increasethe intake of fruits like grapes, banana, pomegranate and Indiangooseberry which aid in preventing the excess bleeding and also manageanemia. Sugarcane juice is highly recommended
  • Avoidspicy foods whilst ensuring that the intake of you have an optimum intakeof water (i.e. minimum of three liters each day)
  • Consumptionof lemon juice with honey has found to have profound benefits oncontrolling menorrhagia.
  • HeatCoriander seeds mixed in water in the proportion of one three.
  • Add sugarto this mixture and skin it slowly when the mixture is warm. This will aidin improving the condition and prevent subsequent heavy bleeding.

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