Menstrual Cramps Remedies | Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps Relief

Menstrual Cramps Natural Remedies

Most women will experience menstrual cramps at some time in their lives. The cramps may range from mild to severe, and each month may be different in intensity.

Women who do not ovulate experience fewer and less severe cramps. Oral contraceptives reduce menstrual cramps in many women, but on discontinuing their use, the cramps usually return with the same intensity.

There are a few changes you can make to your diet to help reduce menstrual cramps. A low-fat diet can aid in reducing the symptoms of menstrual cramps. Try eliminating meat or reducing meat intake, or replace meat with fish. Fish oil found in salmon and tuna is beneficial, and fish oil supplements taken in capsule form can reduce heavy bleeding.

Reducing your salt intake may help in cases of bloating. Salt is associated with water retention. Caffeine and sugar should also be restricted.

Vitamin B1, magnesium and vitamin E have all been found effective in reducing pain and cramps. You can consume these in either supplement-rich foods, or by taking over-the-counter supplements. Vitamin B1 can be found in pork, oatmeal and sunflower seeds; magnesium occurs naturally in almonds, raw asparagus, avocados and bananas; and vitamin E rich foods include wheat germ oil, safflower oil and corn oil.

One of the top herbal treatments of menstrual cramps is evening primrose oil. This oil contains a substance that prevents uterine contractions and cramps. It can be taken in the form of capsules and the usual dose is 3,000 to 6,000 mg a day.

Ginger tea is good for treating nausea, and valerian tea has sedative effects that aids in reducing cramps.

Heat is very useful in alleviating cramps of any kind, menstrual cramps included. Heat may be applied either with a heating pad, or as a warm bath.

Relaxation techniques such as yoga are also very effective treatments for menstrual cramps.

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