Normal Blood Sugar Levels after Eating: Normal Sugar Levels after Meal

Question: My fasting blood sugar level is usually about 140 but randomly/after meals, it ranges between 97-130 (though very selective in choosing my meals). I am not on any medication. Which reading is more critical in determining if one is diabetic?

What Is Normal Blood Sugar Levels After Eating Meal?

Answer: In a healthy non diabetic adult, the post lunch sugar would range between 110 to 140 mg/dl.

The fasting blood sugar should be in the range of 70-110 mg/dl.

Though, to confirm the diagnosis of diabetes, both the fasting and post lunch levels are required, however, to identify the condition and take the evaluation further, fasting blood sugar is considered to be a strong indicator of diabetes.

It seems that you are developing diabetes, but its in its early stages.

When do you check your blood sugar after you have meal? This is important as inappropriate timing may not yield correct results. The process of absorption of glucose into the blood takes about two hours after you have your meal. Try checking your blood sugar after two hours of meal.

Finally, it is imperative that you visit your doctor.

Don’t delay further; it is possible that dietary changes and regular exercise at this stage could help you control the condition.

You might just get away without medication.

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