Radiation Burn Creams and Oils: Radiation Burns Remedies and Treatment

Question: What are some creams or oils recommended for radiation treatment? What are some of the medicines that can provide some relief from radiation burns?
Answer: Radiation burns are similar to any other types of burns. Radiation burns are caused due to two reasons that is, when a person suffering from cancer is under radiation therapy treatment, and other is accidental radiation burns, due to exposure to radioactive material.

Remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Burns are classified into three types, they are first degree burns, second degree burns and third degree burns.

Superficial skin is involved in first degree burns and they heal very fast, while second degree and third degree burns involve deep skin blisters and the organs below the skin, the skin may be charred and look black.

Oils and Creams for Treating of Radiation Burns

  • First and foremost thing is to assess the degree of the burns
  • If the radiation burns are due to cancer treatment they are usually low degree burns as the radiation is given in controlled form to the organ involved
  • But as the cancer patient is immunocompromised utmost care of the burns is necessary
  • Usually painkillers are prescribed by the treating doctor for mild superficial radiation burns with ointments and antibiotics in some cases.
  • Aloe vera gel acts well on burns of this nature
  • Calendula ointment is also one of the effective ointment in treating the radiation burns
  • More severe forms of radiation burns require continuous treatment with cool wet cloth and ointments
  • Third degree radiation burns patient require hospitalization and continuous watch by the treating physician
  • Natural local treatment with blue Yarrow oil mixed in water has been beneficial in reducing the pain and inflammation in patients with first and second degree burns caused due to radiation
  • Other natural healing oil products are Emu oil, Curcumin oil and Tamanu oil.
  • Fresh pulp made of pumpkin when applied on the radiation burns can help in reducing the pain and swelling caused by radiation. Necessary sterile measures should be taken while applying. Clean it off after 15 minutes with cool water and sterile gauze.

For any type of radiation burns, it is important to consult a doctor, before starting any treatment.

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