Recurrent Jaundice: Causes, Treatment and Cure for Recurrent Jaundice

Question: My wife suffered from jaundice three years back. Since then every year in the month of May orJune she is fall ill due to jaundice. My main concern is this. Is there any solution for preventing it?

Recurrent Jaundice Causes

Answer:Jaundice is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying pathology.

It is a signal of poor liver functions or a sign of an infection, which is harbored in the biliary system.
Recurrent episodes of jaundice are harmful for your wife’s health and you need to take requisite precautions to ensure that recurrence of the same is avoided.

Recurrent Jaundice Treatment and Tips

Jaundice is quite frequent in the summers and the monsoon. This is primarily due to contaminated water or an unhygienic diet. Here are a few tips,

  • Ensure that you boil water before drinking. Avoid drinking water outside, which might not be purified adequately. Only boiled water protects you from bacterial infections
  • Avoid oily and spicy food.
  • These foods are difficult to digest and tend to overburden the liver. This might result in liver damage which is manifested in the form of jaundice.
  • Recurrent jaundice is a sign of underlying liver pathology. Get her evaluated to rule out Hepatitis A which is fairly common during this season. There are other forms of hepatitis for which you should get her evaluated too.
  • Ensure that she is on a fresh fruit and boiled vegetable diet. Avoid eggs, meat, dry fruits, etc. Always wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them.

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