What Is Self-Mutilation Disorder? Treatment of Cutting and Self-Harm

One of the scariest acts of expressing oneself is self-mutilation (cutting). It has become popular today especially among women of adolescent years. It is their way of addressing anger, intense pain, or severe depression. This happens mostly to female teenagers who are having a hard time or difficulty in expressing their selves.

Instead of sharing their pain or emotions to their peers, these young women will resort to hurting themselves.

The emotional pain that they feel is replaced by the physical pain from hurting themselves specifically from cutting. Teenagers who cut themselves usually do not have any intention of committing suicide. They cut themselves only to relieve the emotional pain they are feeling.

Self-mutilation Turning into an Addiction

Cutting may lead to a compulsive behavior wherein a teenager feels the desire or need to cut or harm herself every time she encounter problems. When teenagers reach the stage that cutting have become a compulsive behavior, it will be harder to stop. Cutting can be likened to an addiction wherein no matter how you wanted to stop, the more that you crave for it.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Self-mutilation

Cutting can become an unstoppable vice. Your first cut can be followed by another one, then another one, so on and so forth until the time you become addicted to it. Hence, before you attempt to cut, read the following tips on how to resist the urge:

  • Talk to a friend. If you are having a severe depression, emotional pain, or problems, it is best to talk to a friend. Find your most trusted friend and start releasing the pain by telling her your stories, problems, and even the pain it brought you.
  • Admit the problem. Accept that there is a problem. Do not be ashamed that you are encountering such problem. Just think that many other teenagers are even having problems worst than yours.
  • Seek for advice. Ask for your friend’s help. It is okay to ask for help. When you ask for help, it doesn’t mean that you are weak. So don’t be afraid to ask one.
  • Face the problem. The only way out is to face your problem. Find a solution for it and move on. Cutting is just a form of escape. After the pain is gone, your problem will be back too.

Cutting and Self-Harm Treatment

The following are different treatments for people who are into self-mutilation.

  • Series of psychosocial and physical treatments
  • Giving antidepressant drugs. For people who have moderate personality disorder. Giving antidepressant drugs will be enough.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. This kind of therapy will help the person surpass problems by identifying the distorted think of the person and to change the same.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). This therapy is best applied for persons who have borderline personality disorder. Here, they teach the person how to regulate emotions and acceptance.
  • Psychiatrically confinement. This is done as a method of treatment for teenagers who are habitual.

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