Something Stuck In Eye: Tips to Remove Foreign Matter from the Eye

If it feels like something stuck in eye, do the following for quick relief.

How to Get rid of Something Stuck from the Eye

  • Try blinking a few times. The up and down movement of your eye will make the dirt or foreign object appear on the surface to make it easier for you to take it off.
  • You can also try pulling your upper eye lid out and down from your lower eye lid so that you can shed tears.
  • If something stuck in eye, simply rinse the eye with clean water.
  • Blinking rapidly is also an effective solution to get rid of the foreign matter in the eye.
  • Do not rub your eyes when something is stuck on them. This may cause irritation and harm your eyes.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before touching your eyes to prevent infection.
  • Get a bowl of clean water and blink your eyes in the water to remove the dirt or particle.
  • Pour saline solution or clean water using medicine dropper or use your hands and cup them to put a small amount of water into your eye.
  • You can also use cotton swabs to remove the speck of object irritating your eye.
  • If the above ways did not do, you can buy over-the-counter eyewash or clean tepid water to flush out the foreign object.
  • If all other option fails, consult your ophthalmologist or eye doctor to provide the best remedy for the problem.

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