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I would like to know more on natural remedies for thyroid problem.


Thyroid Problem Treatment

Thyroid is a gland located in front or the anterior side of the throat. The main function of the gland is to regulate the metabolism of the body. When the thyroid function is normal it is called as euthyroid, if the function is hyperactive than the condition is called as hyperthyroidism, and if the thyroid decreases its function the condition results into hypothyroidism.

Goiter is the condition where there is swelling of thyroid gland in the neck. Women are more prone to it.

Some of the home remedies for thyroid problems are:

  • Iodine is undoubtedly most helpful in many cases, but it should be given in its organic form. All foods containing iodine should be taken liberally. These are lettuce, turnips, carrots, garlic, onions, oats, pineapples, whole rice, tomatoes, strawberry, guava and sea foods.
  • Spirulina is said to boost thyroid function
  • Watercress is one of the best source of elemental iodine. It is valuable in correcting the function of the thyroid gland.
  • Swamp cabbage is another remedy for thyroid problem. A teaspoon of the juice with tea almond should be given twice in a day as a medicine.
    The leaves are also useful in hypothyroidism
  • Prime rose oil restores the diminished function in cases of hypothyroidism
  • Ginseng is also one of the remedies to treat thyroid problem. It helps in regulating thyroid gland
  • Flex seeds are also used it treating the swelling of thyroid.
  • Foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B complex also help in great way if a person is suffering from thyroid problem.

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