Tropical Pancreatitis Surgery, Symptoms | Causes Of Tropical Pancreatitis


I was suffering from tropical pancreatitis for last 2years.Two months ago I was having a surgery for removing the pancreatic calcification. Since I have done the surgery, I am suffering from vomiting sometime. My stomach is always upset. I am now 19years old and I have no habit of smoking or alcohol.

My doctor has prescribed Panzenorm-N and Pantodac DSR tablets. Will I get complete relief from this disease?


Tropical Pancreatitis Causes

The surgery for tropical pancreatitis gives good symptomatic relief in patients with benign disease. Some indisposition can result even after the major surgery, but overall response is fair. In your case you can always consult your surgeon who has performed the operation and taking care. Let us know some facts about tropical pancreatitis; tropical pancreatitis is a type of chronic pancreatitis seen mainly in tropical countries, hence the name.

Tropical Pancreatitis Symptoms

The occurrence is more common in young people, or young adults. In this disease the main pancreatic duct is involved having stones in it. Researchers have not found the real cause of tropical pancreatitis, but genetic mutations and environmental factors are said to be responsible for tropical pancreatitis.

Most of the patients who suffer from this disease have excruciating abdominal pain, with vomiting, sweating and associated diabetes. In this type of pancreatitis alcohol is not the contributory factor.

It is generally seen that persons who suffer from tropical pancreatitis are malnourished.
diagnosis of tropical pancreatitis is established by sonogram of the abdomen and CT scan. Certain blood tests such as serum amylase can indicate the acute severity of the illness. Management of tropical pancreatitis can be done to reduce the pain by analgesics, and enzyme supplements. If this conservative management fails than endoscopy and extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy can be used to fragment the stones. Surgery is the last alternative where the pain is not relieved by conservative method.

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